Jane Elwis


Graphic & Web Designer
| Tarn, France


2020 Virtual collab @les_editions_versatiles
2020 Art exhibition @Les Ateliers (Castres, France)

2021 Skateboard limited edition @bordzaskateboard  (Bordeaux, France)

2022 @À⁴ (Tarn, France) Sticker design for a limited local craft beer
2022 Art exhibition @Café Plùm (Lautrec, France)
2022 Art exhibition @Le radis bleu (Damiatte, France)
2022 Art exhibition @Café Au Bord du Monde (Salvagnac, France)


In love with upcycling, I draw abstract shapes on every kind of objects to make them unique and give them new perspectives. No object can be identical and everything hand made. I try to adopt an eco-responsible approach, and strong artisanal values ​​in my choice of collaborations.


The eye gets lost in the tumult of lines and lets itself be carried away. One ends, the other begins: it is the perpetual movement of the vagaries of life, and you have to follow them to know the outcome.

The process of creation is the metamorphosis of the various thoughts that inhabit each of us. Geometric shapes are the order and channeling of emotions, which oppose the more organic ones, which represent the freedom to think, to dream, and to give free rein to the imagination.

I like the idea that everyone can bring their own interpretation according to their past experiences, their current state of mind, in a world where humans are conditioned to understand rather than feel.

I invite the spectator to enter my universe to give him the possibility of taking the time to let his mind wander and let others dream possible. Drawing becomes a meditative journey, a moment of introspection specific to each one.